Tomato Shoe: Bloody Mary

Watercolor (gouache), markers, and typewriter on watercolor paper


"Can I take you to brunch on Sunday?"

I'd never heard of the place she suggested, but since I'd go just about anywhere with her, I accepted. "I'll meet you there right after church," she said.

Church? Before I had time to react to that, a second shoe hit the floor. "If you get there first, go ahead and order me a salad in a glass."

"Absolutly!" I said, even though what I was thinking was more like "Bloody hell!"

We said goodbye, and I hung up the phone, mystified. Church made some kind of sense on Sunday morning, but salad? I prayed to the Virgin Mary there'd be something on the menu I could count on to ease the hangover I was already planning to have.


ShoeStories™ by Claudia Lynch