Gemini Shoes (Twins in Thongs)

Watercolor (gouache), markers, and typewriter on watercolor paper


There were two of them and only one of me.

I'd been outnumbered plenty of times before, so I'd gone in thinking I could handle it alone. Had I been wrong this time?

The pair of them were getting me dizzy. I hated to let them out of my sight, even for a second, but I had to get some air into my lungs. My brain was doing flip-flops. Had there been something in my drink? That didn't make sense, but the images were reeling...something about twins in thongs...I couldn't put my hands on it, but yes, there was indeed something about twins in thongs...what the hell was it?

It was every man's dream, I thought, and I was having it.


ShoeStories™ by Claudia Lynch