In Honor of the New Orleans Saints: Black and Gold Football Shoe

Watercolor (gouache), markers, and typewriter on watercolor paper

new orleans saints black and gold football shoe  

March Madness Deal: Treat yourself to this Saints Shoe by March 31, and I'll treat you to a set of note cards to match!


"Who dat!" she hollered, by way of "heads up" as she tossed me another beer. I caught the pass and hollered back, "Touchdown!". Anyone could tell these were not our first beers of the game.

ThiS aint so bad, I thought. In my mind, there was only one more satisfying way to spend a Sunday afternoon than huddled together on her couch watching football. Unfortunately, I'd been blocked.

"I can't take any of this stuff off until they win. It's bad luck!"

Bad luck for me, I thought. I only hoped the game wouldn't go into overtime.



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